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AbsorBag® Moisture absorbent
AbsorBag® is a patented solution based on the proven ability of chloride
calcium to aggressively remove excess moisture from the air. Collection capacity: 2.5 liters of water. Dimensions: 1300 * 125 * 50 mm. Easy to install on the ring
fixing the container by hanging it with the hook provided.
AbsorBag starts working when it is removed from its sealed packaging.

      As the dehydrating material absorbs moisture it will gradually turn
in brine. It will be collected at the bottom of the device, once captured, moisture will not
be released into the air.
The absorbent characteristics of calcium chloride ensure an absorption capacity
superior, even in low humidity conditions, and offers the ability to protect
efficient cargo throughout transport.
AbsorBag ​​is used for:
-Metal parts
-Textiles and leather
-Wood and paper products
-Plastics, glass and metal
-Auto parts
-Agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, food

                            * Required units: Container 20 ″: 4-6 / dry container and 6-12 wet container
                                                           40 ″ container: 8-12 / dry container and 12-20 wet container
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Here you have the TDS :

Containere Containers Agri products General goods
Casa si gradina Bathrooms Warehouses
Auto-Ambarcatiuni Warehouses
Agricultura Containere depozitare prod.agricole Magazii silozuri fructe si legume

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